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Το Resident Evil Resistance προσθέτει την Jill Valentine στις 17 Απριλίου

Published on 4 April 2020 at 00:28

Η Capcom κυκλοφόρησε το τρέιλερ για το Residentl Evil 3 remake, το οποίο είναι τώρα διαθέσιμο για το PlayStation 4, το Xbox One και το PC μέσω Steam παγκοσμίως.

Η εταιρία ανακοίνωσε επίσης ότι θα κυκλοφορήσει μια δωρεάν ενημέρωση για το Resident Evil Resistance, το τετραπλό ασύμμετρο online παιχνίδι για πολλούς παίκτες που περιλαμβάνεται στο Resident Evil 3, το οποίο προσθέτει τον Jill Valentine ως playable Survivor στις 17 Απριλίου. Περισσότερες πληροφορίες για το επερχόμενο Resident Evil Το περιεχόμενο αντίστασης θα μοιραστεί σύντομα.

Ακολουθεί μια επισκόπηση του Resident Evil 3 και Resident Evil Resistance, μέσω της Capcom:

" This latest entry in the 95 million selling Resident Evil franchise delivers the heart-pounding conclusion to the Raccoon City saga, through the perspective of one of video games’ most iconic heroines, Jill Valentine. Raccoon City and its shambling population come to life with vivid high-definition graphics and modernized gameplay mechanics using the RE Engine, previously utilized for acclaimed titles such as Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 7 biohazard, and Devil May Cry 5. Resident Evil 3 includes the four-versus-one asymmetrical online multiplayer game Resident Evil Resistance.

The pulse-pounding narrative of Resident Evil 3 bookends the events of last year’s award-winning Resident Evil 2. Putting players in the role of S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine, Resident Evil 3 follows her desperate escape from a city torn apart from the inside by zombies and other horrifying creatures. Blocking her path is the seemingly unstoppable and brutally intelligent bioweapon Nemesis—one of the series’ most notorious adversaries. Jill is not alone in her endeavor to escape – players can also experience a slice of the chaos of Raccoon City as unexpected ally Carlos Oliveira, a member of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (U.B.C.S.) who’s on a mission to evacuate civilians.

Included with the Resident Evil 3 single player campaign is Resident Evil Resistance, an online asymmetrical four-versus-one multiplayer game. A group of four Survivors must strategically work together to escape diabolical experiments conducted by a vicious Mastermind before time runs out. Each of the six selectable Survivors relies on available weapons and their unique abilities to help each other as they attempt to escape from the twisted scenario. Behind every corner and hidden in every shadow is the Mastermind, who wields a deck of cards to deploy creatures and bioweapons, set traps, and manipulate the environment to overwhelm the Survivors. Notorious Resident Evil franchise villains, including Alex Wesker, Annette Birkin and Ozwell E. Spencer, all bring their own special style of torment to the Mastermind’s chair. A first for the series, as Masterminds, players can control legendary bioweapons, like the menacing Tyrant and the mutated G-Birkin."

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